I needed to get out of the house yesterday, so I went with the roommie to Make One. I was needing a break from the magic stockinette socks, so I decided to bring some old hibernating projects with me. Surprise! I’m in the mood for lace again! I picked up the bad that was filled with a lump of blue/black yarn, needles and a shwack of papers. When I came home, I had this:

Midnight Skies Lace Triangle Shawl

It’s not much yet, but I’m quite proud of this one. The yarn was my first ever skein of hand-dyed yarn (well, I did dye a 1/4 skein of very scratchy unknown wool in the microwave with tea and koolaid first, but that doesn’t count – it even ended up in the garbage). The yarn isn’t extremely soft, as it isn’t superwash, and I didn’t know just how much abuse it could or couldn’t take in the dyeing process. That being said, I love the colours.

The shawl is one I’m putting together based on the stitch patterns in Knitting Lace Triangles book by Evelyn Clark – alternating ripples and medallion sections, then transitioning from the last medallion pattern to a few leaf lace repeats, then a border. According to my calculations (yes, yes, I know!), I am now 55% complete. Wee!