I just got home, and had to post. Remember these guys? There’s a small difference since the last time you saw them… Can you spot it? How about if I give you a hint? There’s an addition to the label… Do you see it now? How about if I say that my trip was to a local yarn store?

faking sanity bliss and fixation

You guessed it, those are M1 sales labels on the back of my ball bands (but, I must admit, I thought you would figure it out a little more quickly)! :)

Check out both Faking Sanity Fixation and Faking Sanity Bliss – now available at Make One Yarn Studio. Fixation is a fingering weight soft wool yarn with a bit of nylon for stength; it’s great for hand-knit socks, and is machine washable, too. Bliss is a laceweight wool silk blend (55% silk/45% wool); it’s a worsted-spun 3-ply yarn with an amazing drape and subtle sheen.

And here it is in it’s new environment, waiting for you to pick it up! (Well, most of it – some has already moved on to it’s newest home!)

fakingsanity bliss and fixation at M1