I seem to be in a sort of knitting slump; I haven’t knit a stitch since last Tuesday. I haven’t been feeling great for the past couple of days, so that might be part of it, and I did get a new copy of Chrono Trigger to play, which also took up time that might have been spent knitting. The truth of it is, though, that I just didn’t feel like knitting. Last night I watched 3 episodes of Alias, and just crocheted through them.

Maybe this is a good thing though? I’m an incredibly slow knitter, and a not-so-fast crocheter, and I have a project for each craft that I’d like to finish (or nearly finish) by the time the first Year of Lace pattern arrives. Since that’s scheduled for late March, and one of my current projects is an afghan, which, although crocheted, is still very slow due to it’s size, I shouldn’t be looking at any new projects. I just can’t help it though. I’m bored with these, and getting excited about lace. And slippers because my floor is cold. I keep spending hours on Ravelry checking out all the new lace patterns and trying to find a small lace project that I have the yarn for, and that appeals to me, and that is easy enough I could work on it in public (so I can finish it off quickly and get back to finishing my other current projects). The end result, though, is that any time I could have spent knitting or crocheting is eaten up by Ravelry, and I still have no pattern that screams “pick me! pick me!” – there have been a few “I might be fun to knit”, but I’m holding out on those for something better.