Well, the Christmas knitting was a total success. My little sis loved the heavy alpaca scarf. She had never heard of it, and was amazed at how soft the yarn was. And her rambunctious 3 year old always wants to be outside, despite my sister’s tendency to be… “frileuse” (man, english needs more words… it’s kind of like how older, frail grannies are always cold?).

All in all, it was an excellent fit, and one of my first slam-dunks as far as gift-giving is concerned. Now, it’s time to buckle down and resole the socks I gave to my dad last year, since he blew out the heel; I suppose that’s a sign he liked his gift too, but still… not looking forward to the task.

I also picked up a few things this Christmas season. When I delivered my last order of Faking Sanity yarns to Make One, I picked up Cat Bordhi’s new book for myself. It’s cool, but I definitely preferred the first one. My second purchase was a yummy, super-bright-green skein of Sweet Sheep Tight Twist sock yarn. I don’t know why, but I’ve been oddly attracted to all these bright greens lately. This one is called “Shamrock” (the colour is actually brighter, but taking pictures at night without proper lighting is tricky for me):

Sweet Sheep Tight Twist - Shamrock