hederas jan12,2010

I even wove in the end at the toe, which no one would see. And can you believe I left in a couple of errors (intentionally!) that I thought wouldn’t be too noticeable?! These aren’t blocked, and they’re fairly large socks sitting on small sock blockers, so the lace pattern isn’t really opened up or even and the heels look baggy. I do love them, though, and they fit my feet better than the blockers, so I’m already wearing them!

Of course, I had to change up the pattern a bit… I can’t imagine doing the full length of the heel flap called for in this pattern. I know I have a fairly low rise/arch and shallow heel, but these are still nearly too long in the heel and a little baggy in the midfoot, and I reduced the heel flap by 12 rows (36 rather than the 48 called for). I also lengthened the ribbed cuff by a couple of rounds, and carried the twisted stitch between the lace repeats up into the toe for a subtle extension of the pattern.

I’m sure I’ll make these again someday. It was a really fast knit, given how little I was knitting this winter, and the pattern was easy and fun. The next time, I think I’ll reduce the heel flap by an additional 4 rows or use a short-row heel, and knit them toe-up, with the toe being much more rounded (my first socks had a very square toe like these, and it just doesn’t look as nice to me).