Welcome to the Dork Side! So… we’re dorks. Who knit. While sitting around watching Doctor Who. Or roleplaying. Okay, we do a lot of other crafty things too, but knitting is kind of the base obsession around here. The Dork Squad is currently composed of:

mtlaise — our resident anal retentive (she calls it Type A personality, but don’t listen to her.) She’s a Quebecer exiled to Calgary, forced to put up with the crappy transit and all these crazy Westerners. She is the Queen of Useless Knowledge.

ralae — she’s the fashion police, so avoid her if you’re wearing anything pink, ugly or spandex (in her words: “It’s a priviledge, not a right!”) She has issues with punctuation, capitalization and grammar. Mainly punctuation. You’ll see, trust me.

bluedragonling — she’s the normal one. Well, in comparison. She can most often be seen dancing. Everywhere. And if she can’t be dancing, she’ll be clapping Flamenco rhythms.

perian — that’s me. I have a little problem with obsessions. And I’m infectious (like the plague!)

Honorary members include Tanya (who abandoned us for a real job in another province), Mike (and there’s no known cure), Doug (who we need to teach how to knit!), and Dave (who found the Bug movie for mtlaise and is stealing ralae away from us!)

We thought it would be fun to have a place we could all post about our ongoing projects and stuff. And be dorks.